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Eckankar Clergy Services

clergyThe ECK clerics do not wear special clothing or have other physical signs that separate them from any other individual. This is  in keeping with the emphasis of the ECK teachings which focus upon an individual's inner spiritual growth. Yet, the ECK clergy are ordained after many years of training and service. An ECK cleric leads ECK worship Services and officiates the four Celebrations of Life. 

The public and ECK members are welcome to contact a qualified ECK cleric about the services show on this page. There are no fees for the services but voluntary donations to Eckankar are accepted.

  1. ECK Consecration Ceremony
  2. ECK Memorial Service
  3. ECK Rite of Passage
  4. ECK Wedding Ceremony
  5. ECK Spiritual Aide
  eck consecretationThe ECK Consecration Ceremony is for babies and very young children. It celebrates new life and the beginning of a new phase in Soul's journey home to God.   
  0305gruThe ECK Memorial Service honors the journey of Soul and celebrates a loved one's life and passage to a new life in the spiritual worlds.   
  parent childThe ECK Rite of Passage is designed for youth that are on the threshold of becoming adults, at about age thirteen.  
  weddingThe ECK Wedding Ceremy celebrates the marriage bond and commitment of the couple to bring a deep spiritual awareness to their life together.  
  counselingThe ECK Spiritual Aide (ESA) Sessions can help with challenging situations in your life. The ESA session does not involve counseling, but is a spiritual session that helps you find your own answers through the personal guidance of Divine Spirit. ESA sessions are conducted by ECK clerics who are specially trained and appointed by ECK Spiritual Aides.